Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide for Every Budget – The Women’s Edition

Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide for Every Budget – The Women’s Edition

The holiday season is here, and we have our Santa socks pulled up to celebrate the days with exuberant festive fervor. Everything about Christmas somehow reminds us of our favorite topic – jewelry! Be it the golden glitter on Christmas tree baubles, silver sleigh bells jingling, the pearly sheen of snowflakes, the diamond glint of sparkling wine, or the rich ruby and emerald hues of mistletoe. It’s a season to dress up, party, and rejoice; it is also that time of the year when our family and friends rightfully deserve a holiday gift from us. And while you pamper them with a beautiful purchase, why not shop something for your lovely self, too? After all, every day is a self-love day! 

Jewelry is a fantastic holiday gift choice for any recipient. Making your Christmas and New Year celebrations (and those of your loved ones) extra special and memorable this year, we present an exquisite holiday gift guide that caters to every spending preference! Refrain from letting the fear of a hefty price tag hold you back from picking your favorite jewelry pieces. Look for price-worthy designs that suit your budget and look stunning every time they are worn.

Holiday Jewelry Gifts Under $300

For that colleague who’s always got your back at work, to the acquaintance who’s been thoughtful enough to check up on you when you were down with the flu, make them feel acknowledged and their affection reciprocated with an elegant jewelry piece. Keep it price-appropriate – there’s no need to splurge on huge diamonds or extremely elaborate designs, for instance! Such opulence might make them uncomfortable, particularly if they cannot give back equally. Instead, opt for sterling silver jewelry or sleek gold designs that are dotted with dainty precious or semi-precious stones. Keep the price range under $300.

For the woman who wears her personality on her sleeve, is playful and fun, yet super confident, these inverted teardrop earrings are all she needs to showcase her charm. They are crafted in 925 sterling silver and feature an array of lustrous beaded spheres along the frame. As they suit most face cuts and features, they are highly versatile to complement any Christmas or New Year outfit.

This oval pendant necklace is for the woman who effortlessly keeps up with the trends. An outer beaded oval frames a smooth inner silhouette, both crafted out of 925 sterling silver. A bale of white sapphires converges at the top of the pendant, held together by a delicate silver chain. Age is not a constraint when considering who to gift this to – your wife, mother, daughter, sister, or even your boss or colleague! A classic jewelry piece she can pick every morning and style with her varied looks; not too much thought or hassle is needed.

We love the mysterious X shape! For the multi-tasking, always-on-the-go city girl, this ultra-chic ring in an asymmetrical crisscross pattern adds a touch of understated glamor to her style. Pave white sapphires glitter across one shank, while the other is of beaded sterling silver.

Holiday Jewelry Gifts Between $300 - $700

If you are scouting for a drool-worthy holiday gift for your stylish BFFs or your bridesmaids who were in your corner all through your wedding, making it much more fun and fabulous, or for your beloved sister or sister-in-law, your search ends here. Pick a jewelry design as precious and unique as they are to you. A price tag of $300-$700 is ideal for spending – neither too encumbering nor too shrunk to get your favorite styles. Gabriel & Co. has a vast collection of jewelry designs in this price range – we share some of our bestselling ones here.

Nothing embodies the spirit of festivities, particularly Christmas, more than a twinkling star! It symbolizes the divine, guiding light and hope for better things to come. This geometric take on the Christmas tree star motif features a tiny diamond studded in the center. The signet ring is made from 14k yellow gold, with a beaded shank to match. Ideal for the old-world girl, to whom Christmas is a traditional affair, a gala time to foster bonding with friends and family.


Aren’t you intrigued to know what happens when ‘elegant’ meets ‘edgy?’ These diamond drop earrings, set in white gold, stand for refined glamor, enhancing almost any Christmas and New Year’s party aesthetic. Also, once the holiday fervor subsides, they can be worn to work and evenings out with friends. Please give it to the girl who likes to stand her ground quietly and with a subtle demeanor.

For the woman who is a born showstopper, loves to dazzle, and is known for her distinct style, this pear-shaped pendant, studded with diamonds, is an extension of her personality. And no, it doesn’t set you back by as much as you think! Priced at $700, a lighter chain with link loops glides through this stunning pendant, made in 14k white gold.

Holiday Jewelry Gifts Between $700 - $1,500

We can never be grateful enough for our most genuine and meaningful relationships. But gifting your mom, daughter, sister, wife, or partner gleaming diamond jewelry during the holiday season brings a smile to their face, which is totally priceless. Channel your aesthetic instincts and eye for detail to pick a stunning pair of earrings, necklace, bracelet, or ring (or maybe all of them) and gift it to the woman whose presence in your life enriches it beyond words. Our selection of jewelry styles will leave you awestruck, making it difficult to restrict to just one jewelry piece. We say spoil her, pamper her, make her feel the most loved in this world. Gift her something classic, something trending, and something that exclusively defines her personality. Make this holiday season a little extra special for her with our handpicked jewelry designs below.

If the woman you are planning to gift is simple yet stylish and tasteful, give her this stunning bangle bracelet to unwrap. This incredible design, though contemporary, has all the makings of a timeless heirloom piece. Made from 14k yellow gold with a beaded cuff, it features diamond-filled marquise stations with 0.16 carats of diamonds.

One can never go wrong with classic diamond huggies. For the woman who completes your world – your mother, sister, or wife – this conversation starter embodies showstopping sparkle! The 13mm earrings, made from 14k white gold, feature 0.47 carats of glittering diamonds. Timeless and sophisticated, these earrings enhance every facial feature, complement all outfits, and round up nicely with other accessories, too – even more jewelry!

For the young, confident girl, all set to take on the world, this elegant necklace will empower her with grace in ineffable ways. Even if you’re not getting her a tiara, make your daughter/sister/girlfriend feel like the princess she is. Made entirely from 14k gold, this Y-Knot design plays with textures. A beaded circle breaks the monotony of the paperclip link chain where the vertices meet, and a beaded bar at the end completes this dainty, pretty neckpiece.

Holiday Jewelry Gifts Above $1,500

Pull out all the stops and gift your woman the dreamy, glorious Christmas gift she has fancied all year long. Ring in the winter festivities with the warm shine of gold and diamonds, and of course, you won’t mind some indulgence and extravagant splurging when the jewelry is as worthy and exquisite as these designs.

Art deco meets 21st-century contemporary flair with this open-cuff bangle. Nothing says ‘forever’ more than these diamond baguettes, which add a touch of vintage to the already-delightful bracelet. This bangle will add seamless glamor to her already winsome personality and will probably be a constant accessory on her wrist.

No points for guessing! The way to a woman’s heart is through stunning, glistening diamonds that are just as classy as her! And when the diamonds are set into a gorgeous ring design, you have sure cracked your way into her heart. Swoon her away with this unique split shank ring that features ribbons of diamonds winding around the finger artistically. The ring is encrusted with 1.17-carat diamonds and crafted in 14k white gold. Three strands feature smaller pave diamonds, while one is arrayed with larger prong-set round diamonds.

It’s easy to see why this necklace is a head-turner. We promise your special someone will think so, too. Textured and diamond cut into the shape of a leaf, the 14k yellow gold necklace features a circle of pave diamonds at its heart. Luxurious and charming, this necklace blends old-world nature-inspired motifs with a contemporary interpretation.

The holiday season, imbued with the gaiety and exuberance of Christmas and New Year, is an excellent time to celebrate the lovely people around you that make life as beautiful as it is – be it your colleague, friend, family member, or significant other. To express your love and appreciation, Milne Jewelry and Gabriel & Co. has a variety of fine jewelry across price points to choose from. Visit us, and elevate your Christmas gifting instantly. Happy holidays!