Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide for Every Budget – The Men’s Edition

Holiday Jewelry Gift Guide for Every Budget – The Men’s Edition

One of America’s best-loved Christmas time short stories is ‘The Gift of the Magi’ by O. Henry. The protagonists are a married couple – Jim and Della – who find it challenging to buy gifts for one another with their little money. When Della finds a way to raise funds, guess what she spends them on? She uses them to buy a platinum pocket watch chain for her beloved husband. How very romantic! 

Even when Christmas and New Year seem to be replete with jewelry gift choices for women, there have always been enough swoon-worthy designs for men. Not only is jewelry a luxurious, flattering gift, but a handpicked design can also be a very thoughtful souvenir. If you still haven’t considered jewelry as a gift for the men in your life (in different relationship capacities, of course), we say it’s time you put it at the top spot on your shopping list.

Holiday Jewelry Gifts Under $300

Contrary to what is generally perceived, buying jewelry does not always equate to being an overtly extravagant expense. As hard as it is to believe, one can buy significant men’s jewelry for even less than $300! Della may have splurged on platinum, but there are other interesting and precious metals and stones you can choose instead, which don’t need you to break the bank.


A silver faceted chain bracelet in 925 sterling silver – what’s not to love? Even the most refined men, whose fashion sense is nothing but reclusive, love to wear a silver chain bracelet. It adds a rugged and quirky texture to their already winsome personality. Take inspiration from footballer David Beckham, who often flaunts a single bracelet with his looks, enhancing his brawny sophistication to greater heights. Oh, the visual has already had our hearts!


Nothing says ‘thoughtful gift’ better than something that can be personalized. And this jewelry piece is also useful – handy to have around the office or home! For the old-world man who shies away from conventional jewelry, you needn’t cross jewelry off your list, either. Instead, pick up an engravable money clip made from 925 sterling silver. A classic design that offers modern texture and functionality – ideal for the man, always on the go. Engrave his name, initials, or even a concise personal message to imbue some extra Christmas sentiment. Age holds no bar here – the recipient can be your father, brother, husband, or even son!


Part of Justin Bieber’s signature look is wearing a single chain necklace – mostly in silver, ranging from sleek to ostentatiously broad. If the man opening your gift box has a rockstar vibe, this men’s link chain necklace is a fantastic choice for him. Made from 925 sterling silver, it is for the confident man, well aware of his charisma and never one to shy away from flaunting it!

Holiday Jewelry Gifts Between $300 - $700

For a budget between $300 and $700, the below intricately designed, high-on-style men’s jewelry designs are a steal option. Make his holiday season extra special with these luxury jewelry pieces, and we bet – even if he wasn’t into wearing jewelry so far, these designs will have him hooked!


A 925 sterling silver faceted chain bracelet that is – thick, sturdy, and a statement. Bold without being ornate, this contemporary design will woo the recipient. Though onlookers might be shy to extend a compliment straight away, this bracelet will attract many admiring glances for its appearance and personality.

Mixing and matching materials is the way to go. If your man is a fan of conventional leather as opposed to metal jewelry, there’s no reason you can’t have your cake and eat it too! Made from 925 sterling silver and black leather, this ID cuff bracelet whiffs old-fashioned elegance. Another instance of a gift that can be personalized – is engraving the bracelet with the recipient’s initials to make it extra special!

Here’s another necklace that sparkles for the Holiday season, and how. Braided strands of 925 sterling silver come together in this men’s wheat chain necklace. Measuring 22 inches in length, the fluid form of the necklace is a nod to the easygoing man who chooses his jewelry carefully but wears it casually. A well-curated, nonchalant style, we say!

Holiday Jewelry Gifts Between $700 - $1,500

For the most significant men in your life who always have your back – it could be your father, brother, boyfriend, or husband – there’s no reason you shouldn’t consider upping the price ante a bit. After all, investing in gold is always a good idea, and so is investing in your closest relationships. The holiday season is a great time to make them feel as cherished and valued as they make you feel, so buy an impressive jewelry piece, befitting a confident, debonair man.

This beautiful pendant features a geometric motif that has been worn for centuries now by men the world over. It is symbolic of faith, religion, and hope. The cross embodies the festive spirit and symbolizes the urban man’s strength and unwavering belief in divine virtues and ethics. Gift this 14K Yellow Gold Pendant along with a yellow gold link chain or as a standalone if the person already has a matching chain in his collection.

If sterling silver seems inadequate for the man who means the whole world to you, pick up this Wheat Chain Necklace in 14K Gold. With braided gold links and a length of 22 inches, this piece oozes comfort and style. It is sturdy yet elegant, noteworthy yet very dignified. The fancy necklace will make your man stand out at Christmas and New Year’s parties and afterwards. Don’t be envious if he gets a little more attention coming his way! He is your man, after all!

A man can wear jewelry with a tuxedo look… and carry it with utmost ease and panache! The two-metal pattern elevates the allure of this open Herringbone bracelet. One can wear it with any formal monochrome suit or casual denim and tee look, and the bracelet will add just the right amount of classy glamor to his demeanor.

Holiday Jewelry Gifts Above $1,500

Who does not love stunning jewelry? Men love some decadence, too, maybe once in a while, whether it’s an expensive luxury watch, a branded suit, or a new phone. If you want to spend on a men’s gift this holiday season, pick these exquisite jewelry pieces that will reflect your refined tastes very well. They are versatile, functional, and exquisite; he will be flattered to receive one as his holiday present.

All that glitters is definitely gold, especially as far as this glossy jewelry number goes. Stuff your man’s stocking with a thick faceted chain bracelet made from 14k yellow gold. It’s the ideal gift for the man who likes to catch everyone’s eyes with a piece that grooves with his look.

You cannot go wrong with cufflinks as a gift, regardless of the recipient! Cufflinks have been associated with wealth and stature from time immemorial until now. And gold cufflinks are the ultimate – seen as a status and power symbol, unlike any other accessory. Purchase these stunning 14K Yellow Gold Cufflinks with a twisted rope trim, which frames a textured surface. The rounded geometric square makes it suitable for both formal and personal occasions. What’s more, they’ll match almost every shirt style and are so incredibly versatile. An heirloom piece that carries the family sentiments forward, gold cufflinks are your best gifting bet for Christmas.

A lovely, warm hue emanates from this thick Wheat Chain Necklace, made from 14k yellow gold. Luxurious and fluid, it is the ideal gift for the new-age man who doesn’t shy away from embracing riveting trends or telling the world that he’s arrived. 

Remember, the man in your life is never too insouciant to feel the wonder of Christmas; to catch the glint of gold as he opens up a box; to experience the thrill of being gifted something precious and meaningful; to sparkle as much as the women around him. To quote from the holiday movie ‘Frosty the Snowman,’ – “There’s a certain magic that comes with the very first snow. For when the first snow is also a Christmas snow, something wonderful is bound to happen.”

This year, though jewelry may or may not have been on your radar of gift choices, we say you are at the right place reading this. Visit us to pick up everything from men’s chains, rings, and bracelets to cufflinks. Putting Gabriel & on your shopping list offers a whole new world of meaningful gifting that will last a lifetime.